frequently asked questions

Stage 1 of the Manning Hospital Redevelopment is complete and delivered enhanced cancer care services, renal dialysis services, medical imaging services, a hospital car park reconfiguration and an increased number of consultation spaces. 
Stage 2 of the redevelopment will deliver upgraded inpatient beds, access to telehealth spaces, and provide modern facilities to support best practice models of care.
A great deal of work has gone into planning and designing the second stage of the Manning Hospital Redevelopment. This has involved extensive consultation with staff, consumers, the local Aboriginal community and the broader Manning community.
Detailed design work has been completed and the State Significant Development Application is nearly ready to lodge with the Department of Planning and Environment. Once approved, tenders can be called for a builder to start construction.
Other work that has been happening behind the scenes includes planning for the relocation of staff to their temporary offices and preparing the tender documents to start early works. Early works are already underway to provide additional clinical capacity within space vacated following the previous stage one investment.