In July this year, the Muswellbrook Hospital Stage 3 Redevelopment team proposed an updated project scope in light of significant market escalation.  

Muswellbrook Hospital staff provided valuable feedback on the inpatient and maternity unit design including patient and clinical flows, future expansion opportunities and sterilising department compliance.   

In recognition of this feedback, we undertook an independent review of the master plan and an alternate project scope has been proposed.  

The scope that can be delivered within the available budget includes:  

  • new Operating Theatre suite  
  • new Sterilising Department  
  • relocation of Community Health into the existing hospital to enable the future realisation of the master plan  

This revised scope best allows for future expansion to deliver the full master plan, including a new inpatient, birthing and maternity unit. It also addresses feedback from staff and stakeholders to ensure optimal patient and clinical flows. 

The project team appreciates the valuable time and input provided by staff and stakeholders into the design process.  

The project’s design will be finalised over the coming months. Construction timeframes will be confirmed as the project progresses. 

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