Consultation register

Date Activity
November 2021 Site visit, consultation with managers
February 2022 Hunter New England Local Health District virtual session on the Clinical Services Plan
June 2022 Briefing for local Member of Parliament
June-July 2022 Master plan consultation:
  • Glen Innes Hospital staff,
  • community (2 pop-ups),
  • Glen Innes Hospital Auxiliary,
  • Glen Innes & District Historical Society,
  • Aboriginal community,
  • Glen Innes Severn Council.
July 2022 Aboriginal heritage inspection of the Glen Innes Hospital site with the Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council
July-September 2022 Staff project user groups
September 2022 Attendance at Glen Innes NAIDOC event
October 2022 Concept design consultation:
  • Glen Innes Hospital staff,
  • Glen Innes and District Historical Society,
  • community (2 pop-ups),
  • Amarjun Aboriginal Health Service,
  • Aboriginal community (and visit to The Willows),
  • Glen Innes Hospital Auxiliary,
  • Glen Innes Severn Council.
November 2022 Briefing with NSW Ambulance
December 2022 Catch-up with community at Local Aboriginal Land Council
February 2023
  • Farewell event at Crommelin House with community
  • Design workshop with staff
Early 2023 NSW Caretaker mode and State Election
July 2023
  • Staff briefings
  • Meeting with Glen Innes Severn Council
August 2023
  • Arts Working Group meeting
  • Community drop-in sessions at The Highlands Hub
November 2023 Demolition site visit
February 2024 Briefing for local MP, Adam Marshall
May 2024 Meetings with staff, Glen Innes Severn Council
June 2024 Meetings with NSW Ambulance, Auxiliary