new mental health unit for tamworth (banksia)

Planning is underway for a new Banksia Mental Health Unit at Tamworth Hospital, delivered under the $700 million Statewide Mental Health Infrastructure Program (SWMHIP).

The SWMHIP is a NSW Government initiative designed to support the delivery of mental healthcare reform across the state, and will help to address statewide gaps in inpatient services. It will also provide facilities for patients to transition or receive care in the community.

The project will provide:
  •  Better mental health, physical health and wellbeing outcomes for mental health consumers
  •  Improved patient and carer satisfaction through delivery of patient centred and recovery-oriented care
  •  Increased access to appropriate care
  •  Enhanced capacity and improved efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of mental health services
  •  The delivery of infrastructure that is co-designed by consumers, their family, carers and staff
  •  Addressing service gaps to provide appropriate care and meet future demand
  •  Improved patient and staff safety (workplace health and safety, seclusion incidents).

The project scope is being reviewed, following the NSW Government’s announcement of an additional $14.6 million for the new Banksia Mental Health Unit in June 2022.

Next steps

The new facility is being co-designed with staff, consumers and carers. Approximately 1000 people have been consulted on the project to date, with more details available in the Consultation Update released in September 2021

The program and timeline for the project is being reviewed, following the additional funding announcement.

It’s expected that the design work completed to date will inform the next phase of the project, and that the design already developed will be adapted. This will extend the timeline with more details to be shared as information becomes available.