Testing future workspaces

A simulation of an emergency resuscitation helped shape the design of the new inpatient rooms
Hospitals are places of great joy and immense sorrow – these feelings shared through interviews with patients, carers and staff have formed the emotional design brief for our new acute services building.

Our extensive consultation has included almost 300 sessions with staff user groups, another 200 sessions with working groups made up of colleagues and members from the community, countless briefings and presentations – and there’s more to come. This feedback is incredibly important to our planning and design. 

It has also helped guide the design of the prototype rooms that allow you to walk through the spaces and test how they will perform during a clinical situation.

Being able to see, touch and experience the rooms offers more opportunities to provide feedback so that the design is linked to the emotional design brief.

Dr Cate McIntosh, anaesthetist, and head of the simulation team, recently put the rooms to the test by carrying out an emergency resuscitation exercise in the new one-patient bedroom.