Looping in volunteers

As work continues on the John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct, the project team is engaging with stakeholders in the community and on the John Hunter campus.  

We recently met with volunteers who support patients, families and staff in the hospital setting. They’re often the first people visitors and patients encounter on arrival.
Project Director Narelle Bromilow shared the vision for the project and outlined where volunteers will see some changes to their workspaces.  

Narelle said it was important to keep volunteers up to date on this project as they’re an integral part of patient communication.   

“It’s vital hospital volunteers are aware of the changes that are ahead so they can prepare patients and their families. Our volunteers come into contact with so many community members, so we want to make sure they have the right information,” Narelle said.  

The team will continue to consult with a range of stakeholder groups. If you or your team would like to know more, email HI-JHHIP@health.nsw.gov.au